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Vibration Monitoring, Analyzing and Alignment

March 3, 2014

Vibration Monitoring, Analyzing and Alignment

Jadwal Pelatihan Vibration Monitoring, Analyzing and Alignment

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Instructor by : Ir. Endarjulianto 


The aim of the course is to produce a competent technician able to interpret data and advise on machine condition. Also it is hoped to improve the interface between the disciplines when deciding on the type of maintenance to be applied. Finally, it is our aim to provide a better all round technician, capable of making these decisions with confidence and accuracy 


1. Principles of vibration analysis

2. Practical application of vibration analysis

  • Vibration analysis and machine fault detection
  • Vibration frequency, Vibration amplitude
  • Monitoring and the seismic velocity transducer
  • The accelerometer none contact pick-ups
  • Location of tyransducers on the machine under test
  • The three axes of vibration measurement noise levels and the Decibel
  • Data analysis from analysis to correction

3. The main characteristics of vibration

4. Vibration characteristics and severity of vibration

5. Measurement of noise

6. Transducers used in machine condition monitoring

7. Data collectors and predictive maintenance

8. Installed vibration monitoring systems

  • The vibration switch, Single and multi-channel monitors
  • Signal conditioning instrumentation
  • Data collection, Monitoring and data collection as one unit

9. Unbalance and misalignment

  • Unbalance; Possible causes of initial unbalance; Possible causes of an increase in unbalance
  • Balancing of equipment; Misalignment; Possible causes of increased misalignment
  • Misaligned ball/roller bearing
  • Pre-loading; Misaligned asleeve bearings
  • Misaligned coupling; Bent shaft; Harmonics
  • Thermal effects; Symptoms of serious bearing damage

10. Additional instrumentation used in vibration analysis

11. Defective bearings and eccentricity

12. Mechanical looseness and defective belt drives

13. Vibration from electrical and mechanical sources; resonance

  • Vibration from electrical sources
  • Sources related to the power supply
  • Permeance variation in dc machines
  • Rotating magnetic field in 3-phase alternators and synchronous motors
  • Permeance variation and rotating magnetic field in induction motors
  • Magneto stiction
  • Vibration from mechanical sources; Vibration from reciprocating machines; Vibration from fans and blowers; Vibration from hydraulic pumps
  • Resonance




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