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Autocad 2D (Technical Drawing With Autocad)

17 - 19 Juli 2018, Neo Malioboro Hotel, YogyakartaOVERVIEW Program AutoCAD merupakan salah satu program yang dipakai untuk menyelesaikan desain dan gambar teknis yang dibutuhkan oleh industri tertentu, seperti Arsitektur dan Landscape, Pekerjaan Struktur, Mesin, Elektronik, dan sebagainya. AutoCAD sendiri bisa dimanfaatkan untuk menghasilkan desain gambar 2D dan 3D. Silabus training AutoCAD 2D  ini disusun berdasarkan modul kelas ataupun materi ...

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Boiler Water Production

OUTLINE Introduction Overview Steam generation and boiler water treatment Basic Water Chemistry Water sources, impurities, chemistry Water Analysis in a boiler treatment context Pre-treatment essentials Overview of technologies to prepare feed water Filtration Ion-exchange (softening ; demineralisation) Reverse Osmosis & other membrane systems Electrodionisation (EDI) Boiler Water Treatment Internals Feedwater and boiler water quality GUIDELINES: ASME & ABMA ; EPRI ...

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Corrosion And Scale Control

Instructor by: Victor Malau DESCRIPTION Although corrosion and scale form in very different ways, if their development is left unchecked, the outcome is often the same: catastrophic failure or severe fouling, rendering equipment unsafe or inefficient. The resulting expense associated with these problems can be huge, but they can be cost-effectively controlled by good water treatment. Over the last 30 years ...

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