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Steam Turbine: Operation and Maintenance

May 11, 2023

Steam Turbine: Operation and Maintenance

Jadwal Pelatihan Steam Turbine: Operation and Maintenance

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In the process industry of petrochemical, refinery, power plant, palm oil, pulp and paper, sugar cane, and marine the steam generator and the steam turbine are the couple that can not be separated in each function to produce power. They are taking major function and even as critical equipment. As critical equipments they must be operated and maintained by competent and skillful personels otherwise a big hazard and lost will be coming in front. This 3-day course provides participants fundamental knowledge and understanding of evaporation process and combustion in the steam generator. What the major component and their function & operation, fuel system, flue gas, auxiliary component, safety system and control.

Troubleshooting, inspection and maintenance are also will be learned in this course. In the session of steam turbine the participant will be brought to understand the fundamental of energy conversion in steam turbine. As well as in the steam generator, the major components and their function & operation, auxiliary component, energy analysis, performance monitoring, control system, troubleshooting and maintenance will be learned and discussed.


  1. Basic Concepts and Theories Steam Turbine
  2. Steam Turbine Components
  3. Energy Conversion Steam Turbine
  4. Fluids Flow in Steam Turbine
  5. Steam Turbine Performance
  6. Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance
  7. Simulation of Steam Turbine
  8. Fundamental of Energy Conversion in Steam Turbine
  9. Major Component of Steam Turbine and its Function
  10. Energy Analysis in Steam Turbine
  11. Auxiliary Component and its Function
  12. Turbine Application in Industry, Power Generator and Turbo Expander
  13. Turbine Extraction, Induction and Regeneration
  14. Performance and its Degradation of Steam Turbine
  15. Control System
  16. Lubrication System 




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