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Rotating Equipment Challenges and Prevention Techniques

April 13, 2017

Rotating Equipment Challenges and Prevention Techniques

Jadwal Pelatihan Rotating Equipment Challenges and Prevention Techniques

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Most organizations focus more on cutting maintenance cost. The root cause of this is short-sightedness and this result in reliability loss with crippled assets. When business is bad, companies typically do not have enough money to support improving their processes. This is a common problem – addressing the issue requires discipline and this brings about radical, yet positive change that will assure our future prosperity.



This training will allow delegates to gain insights and identify new ways to manage most common equipment malfunctions in the plant. Delegates will be exposed to strategic ways to locate bad sectors in equipment and conduct a detailed root cause failure analysis and magnify new approach to review equipment failure patterns and maintenance effect on reliability. Practitioners will gain exposure to the right strategies and this will enhance reliability and availability in the plant in the long run. It is crucial that practitioners master these strategies which will be focused in this training.

Delegates will also discover and analyse machinery vibrant measurement which in detail will identify potential equipment failures. Therefore this will bridge the next step for practitioners to improve the plant ability to manage the trouble shoot. Last but not least, delegate will learn to incorporate and highlight emission compliance which is in fact cost effective for the plants. Delegates will be exposed on ways to enhance profitability by implementing the analysis and monitoring strategies discuss in the training



  1. APPLY the proven methodologies in machine analysis and equipment protection for smooth production
  2. FOCUS on key areas of improving reliability and ensuring constant availability in the plant
  3. IDENTIFY plant malfunction segments and the affects in performance of rotating equipment
  4. CONDUCT an effective maintenance process step to optimise machine protection
  5. IDENTIFY stressed sectors in equipment and CONDUCT a root cause failure analysis
  6. MAGNIFY equipment failure patterns and maintenance effect on reliability
  7. ANALYSE machinery vibrant measurement in detail for proper management in production
  8. ENSURE consistency when initiating proper instruction and monitoring is conducted





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