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PLC Using Allen Bradley Control Logix 5000/RSLOGIX5000

November 10, 2022

PLC Using Allen Bradley Control Logix 5000/RSLOGIX5000

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This course is designed for engineers who need to design and configure a Control Logix system. The objective of this course is to provide sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to develop, configure and program a Control Logix system. The configuration portion of the course covers online communication with a Control Logix system, data organization of the Logix5550 processor and data exchange over multi-protocol networks. Configuration of the DH+/RIO gateway, Control Net gateway and Ethernet gateway modules will be covered in lecture and lab exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to use the tools RSLogix5000, Control Logix Gateway and RS Networks for Control Net software.


To provide delegates with a detailed view of an Allen Bradley Control Logix Control System, its design, major components, programming methods and operation.


  1. Introduction to Control Logix ™
  2. Overview of RSLogix5000 ™
  3. Control Logix ™ Architecture
  4. Control Logix ™ Memory
  5. Project Organization
  6. Data File Types
  7. Control Logix ™ Bit
  8. Instructions
  9. Timer Instructions
  10. Counter Instructions
  11. Data Collecting
  12. File/ Data Manipulations
  13. Shift Registers/Sequencers
  14. Program Control Instructions
  15. Documenting Programs
  16. Communications
  17. Simulation




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