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Modern Safety & Loss Control Management

May 30, 2023

Modern Safety & Loss Control Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Modern Safety & Loss Control Management

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Some managers do not understand how much accidents and other loss-producing events really cost. Wearing the blinders of traditional thinking in the area of accidents, they are likely to see only the costs of medical treatment and workers compensation. What is worse, they may accept these as the envitable costs of “doing business”, or assume that accident costs are borne by the insurance carrier. Even fewer managers understand that the same factors which are creating understand are also creating production losses as well as quality and cost problems. To understand the modern safety and loss control management is to take the significant steps in the identification, assessment and control of all losses.


After attending this course, the course participants will be able to :

  • Understand the Republic Indonesia Government & International Safety Regulations
  • Implement modern safety and loss control management principles
  • Analyze the real causes, cost of accidents and other losses, and a functional framework for analyzing their sources and controlling their effects
  • Conduct professional management approach to provide operational strategies for improving overall management


  1. Introduction to RI Government and International Safety Regulations
  2. The Modern Evolution of Safety Management
  3. The Causes and Effects of Loss
  4. Management Control of Loss
  5. Planned Inspections
  6. Personal and Group Communications
  7. Leadership and Employee Training
  8. Principles of Occupational Health
  9. Fire Loss Prevention and Control
  10. Principles of Accident Incident Investigation
  11. Property Damage and Waste Control
  12. Case Study




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