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Managing Supply Chain Operation

December 23, 2013

Managing Supply Chain Operation

Jadwal Pelatihan Managing Supply Chain Operation

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3 – 5 Desember 2013, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel Yogyakarta



The course shows how to effectively manage your chain supply operations to lead you to a competitive advantage through improvements in customer service at lower operational costs.

Fundamentals of a Supply Chain

  • The supply chain concept and its evolution
  • The supply chain and its role in business operations
  • The importance of planning and supply chain
  • Upstream and downstream linkages of a supply chain
  • Reverse flows in a supply chain 

The Supply Chain Environment

  • Factors influencing supply chain operations
  • Customer service and the importance of lead time
  • Technologies and their effect on supply chain operations
  • Impact of product life cycles on supply chains
  • Competition between supply chains in a global environment
  • Risks in supply chain operations 

The Operation of a Supply Chain

  • The main activities driving supply chain operations
  • The role and applications of logistics in supply chain operations
  • Adding value in supply chain operations
  • Trade-off opportunities for supply chain operations
  • Risks in supply chain operations Supply chain integration 

Supply Chain Performance

  • The lean supply chain concept
  • The agile supply chain concept
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance improvement
  • Benchmarking in supply chains
  • Benchmarking and performance improvement



Operator of the entire supply chain or the management of its component functions. It may also be suitable for people in more junior positions who could realistically aspire to operational supply chain management.



Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation



Training Kit, Handout, Certificate, 1 X Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir 



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