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Introduction To Integrated Upstream Material Management

October 28, 2015

Introduction To Integrated Upstream Material Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Introduction To Integrated Upstream Material Management

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Instructor by : Isnu Hartoko 


After completing this course the participant has a better knowledge on drilling and production material specification and management especially for non technical personnel and supporting staffs


1. Overview of drilling material classification Specification

  • Specification and characteristic of drilling Equipment and instrumentation.
  • Drilling Fluids and additive material for drilling support operation

2. Overview Of Production Material Specification

  • Sub Surface Equipment Classification and specification surfaces equipment classification & Specification
  • Instrumentation and Technology support
  • Chemical and additive material requirement in production operation

3. Introduction to Metal Material For Drilling and Production Operation

  • Classification of Metallurgy
  • Classification of Metal Commercially
  • Metal as Construction Material
  • Metal Properties and its consideration
  • Corrosion mechanism and prevention Techniques

4. Overwiew Inventory and Stock Control Management for drilling operation

  • Integration of Inventory & scm
  • Understanding Inventory Key Concepts
  • Inventory Replenishment methods & system
  • Stock control coding, re-coding & checking
  • Models for implementing inventory control

5. Material Requirement planning in Drilling Operation

  • Logistic needs in drilling operation
  • Schedule Of Drilling and Material Requirement Planning
  • Dependent and independent materials
  • MRP Process and its role in drilling operation
  • Scheduled and panned order release
  • Planned order receipt


  • Secretary and Admin for drilling and Operation
  • Public relations staffs
  • External relations staffs
  • HR personnel
  • General Affairs
  • Legal & Contract
  • Admin and Secretary SCM and Procurement Staffs
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • Warehousing Staffs
  • Project Economic
  • Project Engineers
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Operational Audit
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Field Engineers
  • Dll




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