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HR for Manager

July 5, 2019

HR for Manager

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Any manager who is responsible for recruiting and managing staff in an organisation should have an understanding of the basics of HR best practice, policies and procedures. In order to ensure the team performs to a high standard, managers and leaders should have an understanding of their role within the HR process to make sure that they are legally compliant. This HR for Managers training course to enable managers to tackle HR issues with confidence.


  1. Understand what the HR role and responsibilities are of a leader/manager in a business
  2. Know the drivers that cause people to under-perform?
  3. Be able to agree effective Performance Improvement Plans
  4. Know when and how to start disciplinary proceedings-both formal and informal
  5. Know how to hold effective disciplinary meetings-both formal and informal
  6. Know when to get HR involved in HR cases


1. The Role of the Manager

  • What are the HR Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager in the Business
  • What is the Role of HR and When to get them Involved

2. What the Law Says

  • A Brief Summary Current Employment Laws and Legislation That will Affecty your Business
  • How It Affects Managers andnd The Major Things to be Aware of
  • Your Own Policies and Procedures

3. What is Under-Performance?

  • What is Under-Performance
  • Conduct and Capability

5. Dealing with HR Issues

  • What The Role of The Manager is when Dealing with Under-Performance
  • Sickness and Absence
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Discrimination and Equality and Diversity
  • Grievances

6. Performance-Based Meetings

  • Holing Effective Performance-Based Meetings
  • Review a Series of Scenarios and How to Deal with Each
  • Documenting and Following Up

7. Formal Procedures

  • When to use more Formal Procedures
  • Disciplinary, Grievance and Sickness and Absence Procedures
  • When to Involve HR




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