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Gas Lift Design, Operation and Procedure

March 12, 2014

Gas Lift Design, Operation and Procedure

Jadwal Pelatihan Gas Lift Design, Operation and Procedure

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The course begins with a quick overview of production systems analysis and justification of gas lift as a means of increasing well productivity, followed by an introduction to gas lift principles, surface installations, and downhole equipment. The three basic elements of continuous gas lift design are covered thoroughly: operating valve positioning, unloading valve positioning, and valve sizing. Other topics covered in the course include gas lift operations, multi well lift gas allocation, and optimization, as well as a special section devoted entirely to intermittent gas lift.


1. The Production System

  • Reservoir inflow performance
  • Vertical lift performance
  • Pressure traverse
  • Operating point
  • Nodal analysis
  • Justification for gas lift

2. Introduction to Gas Lift

  • Principles of gas lift
  • Overview of gas lift installations
  • Introduction to gas lift valves
  • Gas lift completions

3. Gas Lift Design: Positioning the Operating Valve

  • System design/sensitivity analysis
  • Gas lift performance: reservoir/completion/lift gas parameters
  • Worst case and expected case designs

4. Gas Lift Design: Positioning the Unloading Valves

  • Valve spacing
  • Fluid and casing controlled valves
  • Transfer margins
  • Shut in fluid column

5. Gas Lift Design: Valve Sizing

  • Simple force balance model for valve operation
  • Dome pressure setting
  • Manufacturers’ valve data
  • Test rack opening/closing pressures
  • Temperature adjustments
  • Valve spread

6. Valve Performance

  • Dynamic flow testing
  • Gas throughput operating point
  • Valve performance curves
  • Valve performance modeling
  • Gas throughput operating point
  • Sensitivity: port size, gas rate, cas/tbg pressures

7. Gas Lift Operations

  • Unloading procedures
  • Running tools/mandrels
  • Gas conditioning
  • Gas compression requirements

8. Lift Gas Allocation & Production Optimization

  • Prerequisites for lift gas allocation and optimization
  • Well performance curves
  • Multi well networks
  • Manual lift gas allocation example
  • History matching and tuning to field data
  • Non hierarchical networks

9. Gas Lift Troubleshooting

  • Dynamic gas lift simulation
  • Pressure instabilities
  • System response to lift gas variables
  • Cycling and multi pointing
  • System response to changing reservoir behavior

10. Intermittent Gas Lift

  • Intermittent gas lift installations
  • Fallback
  • Valve positioning
  • Plunger assisted intermittent gas lift
  • Chambers
  • Regulating IGL
  • Intermittent gas lift troubleshooting


Thecourse is suitable for Production Engineers, Field Supervisors who select, design, install, evaluate, or operate artificial lift systems and have a basic knowledge in the design and analysis of such installation




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