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Effective Purchasing and Warehouse Management

December 7, 2021

Effective Purchasing and Warehouse Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Effective Purchasing and Warehouse Management

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When the expenditures for materials purchase composed the majority of company’s expenses, procurement of materials becomes strategic issue. Company’s profit will very much dependent on the effectiveness and efficiency of managing the procurement of materials. Material costs do not consist of the amount of money spent to buy the materials alone, but also include all the costs incurred in the process of purchasing and their inventory in the warehouse. Modern purchasing is not the same as buying of yester-year. It requires not only commercial skills but also expertise in what the purchaser buy. In fact, purchasing is the reverse of marketing. Purchasing is a strategic activity as in marketing. It is a process to serve other departments that use the materials for their operations, be it production, maintenance, projects, office.


  1. Materials Management, Some Basic Concept
  2. The Evolution from Buying to Supply Chain Management
  3. The Objective of Purchasing Management
  4. Purchasing Costs
  5. Purchasing Terms and Contracts
  6. Achieving 5R in Purchasing
  7. Materials Knowledge
  8. Vendor Management
  9. Outsourcing
  10. Fundamentals of Warehouse and Store Management
  11. Warehouse and Store Layout
  12. Material Handling
  13. Storing and Order Picking
  14. Inventory Taking
  15. Cost Reduction
  16. Discussion


Supervisor, Administrasi, yang terlibat dalam Operasi Pergudangan; Warehouse, Logistic, Production, Production Planning and Inventory Control 




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