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Digital Learning – Draught Survey

March 25, 2021

Digital Learning – Draught Survey

Jadwal Pelatihan Digital Learning – Draught Survey

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A draught survey is one of the most common methods used for determination of the quantity of cargo loaded to a vessel. Based on the Principle of Archimedes. The survey is usually carried out for determining Bill of Lading weight. The interested parties in the draught survey are typically, Shipper, Receiver, Ship owners, Charterer and Terminal. The accuracy of the draught survey is governed by many well documented factors such as accuracy of hydrostatic tables, weather and sea state, and varying densities of the ballast water/sea water to mention a few. However, one of the most important factors is the knowledge of the personnel who are carrying out the survey.


  • Introduction to Draught Survey
  • Reading The Draft Mark
  • Sampling and Testing Water Density
  • All Corresponding Correction
  • Determining Deductible Weights
  • Hydrostatic Tables
  • Common Errors
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