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Dust Control Equipment

January 29, 2018

Dust Control Equipment

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Fugitive dust emission and management is a key consideration in industrial operations. Industries seek to maximize output from their production line and enhancing productivity and capital efficiency. There is an ever increasing need for management to ensure the operation remains sustainable.

This one day intensive training course will update your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of fugitive dust control from legislative requirements through concept and detail design to the operation and maintenance of dust control systems.

Take away best practice principles and procedures that will improve your current operations and future plant expansions. The course is designed to be interactive, practical, and permit discussion and analysis of problems encountered on participants’ specific operations.

With ever increasing pressure to ensure environmental and occupational health compliance, it is increasingly important to ensure that personnel (ranging from managers and supervisory staff through to maintenance and operational personnel), have a sound understanding of applicable.


  • Build an understanding of applicable OH&S and environmental statutory regulation
  • Discover your existing system and equipment capabilities and limitations
  • Appreciate what upgrade considerations can be considered for existing systems and equipment
  • Review selection and design imperatives for new and existing baghouses, wet scrubbers, fans and other dust technologies
  • Identify base design principles for reticulated ductwork systems and collection hood design principles
  • Recognize requirements and limitations of equipment, maintenance and operational systems
  • Participate in a troubleshooting session of existing systems and equipment




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