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Digital Learning – Waste Water Treatment Plant

December 14, 2020

Digital Learning – Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a device that process liquid remaining factory production process, so that the liquid is safe to be discharged into the environment. In conjunction with environmental management that includes prevention and mitigation of environmental damage and recovery of such damages.


  • Provide knowledge related with legal requirement, technical and operational of WWTP installation as participate in environmental sustainability program
  • Create competent human resources in wastewater treatment
  • Participants will get the solution of various problems that often occur in WWTP
  • Get updated information related to environmental issues, the current WWTP technology, and other alternative technologies are very useful in improving the wastewater system in the company


  • Applicable Regulation Related Wastewater Treatment
  • Basic Principles Waste Treatment
  • Characteristics of Industrial Waste
  • Character, Quality and Standard of Wastewater
  • Industrial Waste Technology Management
  • Objectives and Methods of Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste Management Principles In Aerobic/Anaerobic
  • Waste Treatment Process Parameters and Influential Factors
  • Analysis On Waste Treatment Process Stages
  • Lab Management Especially For WWTP Analysis (COD and BOD)
  • Liquid Waste Processing System in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • The Removal of Residual Suspended Solids, Nitrogen and Phosphate
  • The Management Aspects of Wastewater Management Community
  • Planning and Controlling WWTP
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Topik Training : Digital Learning – Waste Water Treatment Plant
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