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Digital Learning – Security Vulnarebality

September 7, 2022

Digital Learning – Security Vulnarebality

Jadwal Pelatihan Digital Learning – Security Vulnarebality

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A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. Such assessments may be conducted on behalf of a range off different organizations, from small businesses up to large regional infrastructures. Vulnerability from the perspective of disaster management means assessing the threats from potential hazards to the population and to infrastructure. It may be conducted in the political, social, economic or environmental fields.

The objective of an SVA is to identify security hazards, threats and vulnerabilities facing a facility and to evaluate the countermeasures to provide for the protection of the public, workers, national interests, the environment, and the company.


  1. Analyzing Vulnerabilities and Exploits
  2. Uncovering Infrastructure Vulnerabilities
  3. Attacks Against Analyzers and IDS
  4. Exposing Server Vulnerabilities
  5. Revealing Desktop Vulnerabilities
  6. Configuring Scanners and Generating Reports
  7. Implementing Scanner Operations and Configuration
  8. Creating and Interpreting Reports
  9. Assessing Risks in a Changing Environment
  10. Researching Alert Information
  11. Identifying Factors that Affect Risk
  12. Managing Vulnerabilities
  13. The Vulnerability Management Cycle
  14. Vulnerability Controversies
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