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Digital Learning – Relay Protection

August 28, 2023

Digital Learning – Relay Protection

Jadwal Pelatihan Digital Learning – Relay Protection

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  1. Identify the Effects of Current Transformers (CTs) on Power Systems Protection.
  2. Recognize Protective Relay Coordination Related Disturbances and Outages.
  3. Collect the Required Data to Perform a Detailed Coordination Study.
  4. Derive Complete Protective Relay Device Settings to Protect the Electrical Power Systems Equipment.


1. Introduction to Power Systems Relaying

  • System Planning
  • Power System Studies
  • Phasor Fundamentals
  • Relaying Principles
  • Review of Short Circuit Calculations
  • Fundamentals of Coordination

2. Power Systems Grounding

  • Symmetrical Components
  • Ungrounded Systems
  • Solidly-Grounded Systems
  • Resistance-Grounded Systems
  • Ground Fault Detection Methods

3. Current Transformers

  • Types, CT Ratios, Polarity
  • Burden, Accuracy Classes, Saturation Calculations

4. Protection Fundamentals

  • Line, Cables, Feeders
  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Power Transformers

5. Protective Relay Schemes

  • Directional Relays
  • Differential Relays
  • Ground Relays
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Topik Training : Digital Learning – Relay Protection
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