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Digital Learning – Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

November 18, 2022

Digital Learning – Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

Jadwal Pelatihan Digital Learning – Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

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LOPA is a semi-quantitative risk analysis technique. It lies in between a HAZOP and a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in terms of its rigorousness. This technique evaluates risks by orders of magnitude of the selected accident scenarios and builds on the information developed in qualitative hazard evaluation.


  • Understanding LOPA methodology
  • How to execute the detailed steps of the LOPA method for scenario analysis
  • How to identify enabling conditions and conditional modifiers
  • Closing the risk gap
  • Managing LOPA documentation, updates, revalidations and follow-up


  • Introduction to LOPA
  • Developing LOPA Scenarios
  • Estimating the Consequence of the Scenario
  • Estimating the Likelihood of the Selected Initiating Event
  • Estimating the Probability of Failure of Independent Protection Layers
  • Calculating the Risk
  • Judging the Risk
  • Special Applications of LOPA
  • Planning Your Path Forward with LOPA
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Topik Training : Digital Learning – Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
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