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Digital Learning – IT Maturity Level

September 21, 2021

Digital Learning – IT Maturity Level

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This course will offer an overview of the Capability Maturity Model and its applicability to many areas in information systems (data management, process improvement, governance, data warehousing, etc.). The participants will gain an understanding of the CMM, learn about the various CMM levels and CMM’s role in measuring internally the maturity of an organization’s efforts in one or more areas, and will learn about how to develop a plan for instituting a CMM strategy within their organization.

Each participant will create a basic plan for employing the CMM for their organization and have the opportunity to review it with the instructor and other participants. The  two day course presents a comprehensive overview of the Capability Maturity Model  developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

The course material presents practical examples of how to meet CMM requirements, taken from techniques currently used by world class software organizations. Guiding principles are presented for project management, quality assurance, configuration management, corporate policies and process definition, and determining return-on-investment (ROI). CMM is a proven methodology for planning, managing, controlling, and measuring project work across four disciplines: systems engineering, software engineering, supplier management, and integrated product and process development.

The course is built around a series of lectures, class exercises, and class discussions. The scope of the course includes discussion of the components of the CMM including Process Areas, Generic Goals, Generic Practices, Specific Goals, and Specific Practices. The course also includes descriptions of the 5 Maturity Levels and the various Capability Levels.


At the completion of this course, the participants should be able to :

  1. Understand the background of and the purpose of the CMM
  2. CMM benefits
  3. Basic structure of the CMM and related maturity models
  4. CMM content and structure (key process areas, key process indicators, levels, etc,)
  5. How to develop a basic plan for measuring maturity in your organization for data management, process improvement, governance, etc.
  6. Further activities within organizations for CMM and related maturity efforts such as:
  • Understand the general scope and intention of the CMM
  • Understand the structure and purpose of the model’s component framework
  • Gain the knowledge needed to begin implementing the model
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how CMM may be applied within their organizations to meet process improvement goals


  1. Understanding The Capability Maturity Model
  2. CMM Fundamentals
  3. How To Perform a CMM-Oriented Assessment
  4. Understanding The Assessment Results
  5. Workshop Conclusion
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