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Digital Learning – Failure Analysis

July 9, 2020

Digital Learning – Failure Analysis

Jadwal Pelatihan Digital Learning – Failure Analysis

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Failure analysis is designed to identify the failure modes; identify the failure site; identify the failure mechanism; determine the root cause; and recommend failure prevention methods. This course will enrich the analytical, technical and scientific knowledge of participants, which will ultimately result smooth operation process and increased profitability for the company. This course covers current practice in production and maintenance management including prevention and maintenance cases in real-life situations. Actual case studies will be conducted, to help participants gain practical understanding of techniques they can take away and utilize in the field.


Introducing the role of failure analysis methodology in exploring the root cause of component failure and how to prevent the similar failure in the future. 


1. Failure Analysis Procedures

  • Objectives of Failure Analysis
  • Stages of Analysis

2. Modes of Failure

  • Ductile
  • Brittle
  • Fatigue Wear
  • Creep and Stress Rupture
  • Corrosion

3. Stress Analysis

  • Static Loading
  • Fatigue Loading
  • Impact Loading
  • Application of Fracture Mechanics

4. Fractography

  • Visual Analysis
  • Stereo Microscopy

5. Microscopic Analysis

  • Optical Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • X-ray Diffraction
  • Chemical Analysis

6. Sample Selection and Preparation

  • Sampling and Preparation for Fractography Analysis
  • Sampling and Preparation for Microstructural Analysis
  • Sampling and Preparation for Chemical Analysis
  • Sampling and Preparation for Mechanical Testing

7. Analyzing the Evidence/s and Formulating for Conclusions

8. Report Writing

9. Case Studies

  • Failure Analysis of Bolt
  • Failure Analysis of Pressure Vessel
  • Failure Analysis of Wheel Bearing
  • Failure Analysis of Superheater Tube
  • Failure Analysis of Reformer Tube
  • Failure Analysis of Stator Blade
  • Failure Analysis of Thermowell
  • Failure Analysis of Sucker Rod
  • Failure Analysis of Pipeline
  • Failure Analysis of Centrifugal Compressor Pin
  • Failure Analysis of Cylinder Liner
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