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Digital Learning – Computational Fluid Dynamics

December 14, 2021

Digital Learning – Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Computational Fluid Dynamics simulates fluid (either liquid or gas) passing through or around an object. The analysis can be very complex -for example, containing in one calculation heat transfer, mixing and unsteady and compressible flows. The Ability to predict the impact of such flows on your product performance is time consuming and costly without some form of simulation tool.


  1. Liquid and Gas Flow with Heat Transfer
  2. External and Internal Fluid Flows
  3. Laminar, Turbulent, and Transitional Flows
  4. Time-dependent Flow
  5. Subsonic, Transonic and Supersonic Regimes
  6. Gas Mixture, Liquid Mixture
  7. Conjugate Heat Transfer
  8. Heat Transfer in Solids
  9. Incompressible and Compressible Liquid
  10. Compressible Gas
  11. Water Vapor (Steam)
  12. Non-Newtonian Liquids
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Topik Training : Digital Learning – Computational Fluid Dynamics
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