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Digital Learning – Communication Skills for Supervisors and Managers

December 28, 2021

Digital Learning – Communication Skills for Supervisors and Managers

Jadwal Pelatihan Digital Learning – Communication Skills for Supervisors and Managers

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Managers and supervisors are expected to master the various amount of challenges they are assigned on daily basis, one of them is to lead their team. Organisations rely on managers to communicate their strategic plans to the whole team members. However, not every supervisor and manager have acquired a fit communication skills to answer the organisation’s challenges, therefore managers and supervisors, especially those who are new, are struggling to formulate a clear communication for their team.

To equip you, supervisors and managers, with excellent communication skill, we offer you a workshop/training on Communication Skill for Supervisors/Managers. With this training, you will sharpen your already existing communication skill and take it up to a higher level, customise it to your success performing the job and managing your teams.


  • Re-visiting Communication Foundations, Principles, and The Model of Effective Communication Skills for Supervisors & Managers
  • Understanding the Barriers in Communications
  • Understanding the Verbal, Vocal, Visual (Body Language) and other non-Verbal Communications
  • Practices on Key Success Factors of Interpersonal Skills in The Workplace
  • Understanding the Art of Active Listening for Developing Good Communication Skills
  • Understanding Typical Team Communication Style and Goals in Communication to Achieve Success in Communications
  • Defining the Values of Communications and its Challenges
  • Understanding the Principles in Giving Appreciation and Constructive Feedback, and Learn the Communication Best Practices
  • Formulating the Personal Communication Styles
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Topik Training : Digital Learning – Communication Skills for Supervisors and Managers
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