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Crude Oil: Sampling, Testing and Evaluation

September 12, 2019

Crude Oil: Sampling, Testing and Evaluation

Jadwal Pelatihan Crude Oil: Sampling, Testing and Evaluation

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Crude oil is the single largest traded commodity in the world. Proper sampling, analysis, and reporting of data according to established standards is of paramount importance, especially with the volatility in price, and the market proliferation of synthetic, high TAN, and extra heavy crude oils. Whether crude oil is refined in the near-term or stored for an extended period, it is fundamentally important that recognized procedures and standards be used in sampling and analysis.

This is true from the time crude oil is produced, through transportation and interim storage, until it is ultimately refined. Analytical data must be accurate and reliable as they are the basis for decisions on whether a given crude oil can be effectively processed and yield the desired product slate. These data are also used by engineering personnel in planning refinery upgrades.


  • Discuss the history of crude oil as it relates to supply and training patterns
  • Define and discuss key terminology
  • Discuss sample protocols
  • Review and discuss case studies


  1. Crude Oil History; Supply and Trading Patterns
  2. Definitions and Terms
  3. Quality Variations and Their Causes
  4. The Complexities of Crude Oil Composition
  5. Sampling Protocols
  6. Sampling Containers and Sample Integrity
  7. Composition and Classification
  8. Inspection Analyses (Cursory Assay)
  9. Comprehensive Analyses (Full Assay)
  10. Other Important Crude Oils and Fraction Properties
  11. Basics of Crude Oil Processing Evaluation
  12. Break Out Group Exercises
  13. Bituminum and Extra Heavy Crude Oils
  14. Crude Oil Quality Case Studies
  15. ASTM Crude Oil Proficiency Testing Program
  16. Challenges Presented to the Analyst by Heavier, Higher Sulfur Feedstocks and Opportunity Crude Oils
  17. Future Needs in Crude Oil Characterization and Analytical Test Method Requirements




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