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Corporate And Business Law

June 5, 2014

Corporate And Business Law

Jadwal Pelatihan Corporate And Business Law

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Instructor by : Budi Agus Riswandi


  • Provides an understanding of the legal framework of business.
  • Identify the key legal obligations which apply to your organisation
  • Appreciate how the law regulates business behaviour
  • Offers experiential analysis to understand the challenges in managing legal risks
  • Offers ideas, resources and tools for protecting business assets, resolving legal conflicts, and complying with the law
  • Understand how to use contracts to manage business process and risk
  • Manage risk arising from non-contractual liability
  • Understand the practical implications of electronic transactions


1. Introduction to Business Law

  • Law and the legal system in Indonesia
  • Legislation
  • Case Law
  • Legal Framework
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

2. Contracts

  • Factors Affecting Contract Performance

– Requirements in Writing

– Consideration

– Capacity

– Consent

  • Understanding and mitigating risks in the contract process
  • Good Governance and Contracts
  • Interpreting Contracts
  • Ending a contract
  • Specialised contracts

3. Tort

  • Introduction to torts as they relate to Indonesian Businesses
  • Tort vs Contractual Obligations
  • Remedies: Damages, injuctions, etc
  • Negligence in business
  • Defamation and relationship to business

4. The Law of Business Organisations

  • Different forms of business structure in Indonesia
  • Incorporating Companies in Indonesia
  • Legal obligations for companies
  • Trusts in Business
  • Partnerships
  • Risk, Liability and Obligations of various structures

5. Intellectual Property

  • Copyright, designs, patents and trademarks
  • Enforcement & protection of intellectual property
  • Confidential information

6. Insurance

  • The Legal framework for insurance in Indonesia
  • Obligations for dealing with insurance companies
  • Disclosure duties
  • Indemnity, contingency and public liability
  • Insurance contracts

7. Employment Law

  • Common issues in the employment relationship
  • Employer/employee relationships
  • Employment contracts
  • Vicarious liability and fiduciary obligations

8. White Collar Crime

  • Identifying and minimising crime in the workplace
  • Embezzlement, false accounting and fraud

9. Ecommerce and the Law

  • Ecommerce in Indonesia
  • Indonesia Regulatory environment and online transactions
  • Common/case law and the internet
  • Future developments


  • General Managers
  • Directors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Contract Administrators
  • Property Managers
  • Risk Management officers
  • Finance managers
  • Non Lawyers looking to get a general understanding of legal issues




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