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Contractror Selection and Contract Management Program

April 1, 2016

Contractror Selection and Contract Management Program

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It is very common when goods and or services are late, procurement or materials department is the place to blame. The end users always hide behind the magic word “urgent”, “emergency” or “operational requirements”. It unavoidable sometime it was due to the bureaucratic in procurement but bare in mind that is also often due to poor planning from the end users. However if we think wisely and maturely as a team, the root cause is often because lack of understanding on procurement process and pre-requisite documents to support proper procurement process. When the users departments understand the basic knowledge of procurement process, it will significantly improve the procurement activities. In general, this will end up with more competitive cost for the company.

This training will improve knowledge of the participants about the procurement activities such as: contractor selection, pre-tender work, tender process, correctly completing materials/contract request, lead time for ordering, tender committee establishment, contract kick-off, safety and legal aspects, contract execution and contract close out, as well as special topic: e-Reverse Auction/e-Tender implementation. This training will deliver the Contractor Management Concept emphasizing from end users view point. This training is also aiming to put the procurement and end users on the same boat, to deliver the best results for the company.


  • Introduction and Background Information
  • Global Contracting Philosophy
  • Legal Issue behind CMP
  • Procurement Process
  • Negotiation Skills and Insurance
  • E-Reverse Auction, e-Tender
  • Post Tender Process
  • Conclusion




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