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Centrifugal Pump : Operation, Maintenance, And Troubleshooting

January 3, 2014

Centrifugal Pump : Operation, Maintenance, And Troubleshooting

Jadwal Pelatihan Centrifugal Pump : Operation, Maintenance, And Troubleshooting

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Instructor by: I Nengah Diasta 


Assuming that a plant is a body of human being, pumps are the “heart” of the body. Those play very important and vital roles to flow the “blood” of a plant. In every plant or production operation system, we find pumps. However, unlike bolts and nuts, neither industry nor production-operation management will put pumps in stock. It is NOT cost effective and is very uncommon practice to put a complete set of pump in the warehouse stock due to financial reasons.

Therefore, properly specifying, selecting, installing, operating and maintaining pumps are very significant and are very important steps to have “trouble free” during the entire life of the plant operation. Thus, proper maintenance and operation is also the key to reduce the entire cost of the plant and production operation system.

This training will provide a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of pump selection, installation, operation, and maintenance program. The training will concentrate in centrifugal pump as they are the most common one used in the industries and day life 


  1. Refresh the knowledge of the participants on fluid mechanic and pump characteristics
  2. Understand centrifugal-pump basic-system design, selection, operation, treatment and installation
  3. Learn the critical symptoms of pump operation
  4. Enhance the knowledge on pump sealing and rolling elements
  5. Gain additional knowledge on inspection and maintenance of centrifugal pumps 


1. Basic Theory of Fluid Mechanics

  • Physical properties of incompressible fluid
  • Static fluid
  • Basic flow of incompressible fluid
  • Basic fluid dynamic
  • Basic fluid energy process

2. Basic Theory of Centrifugal Pump and Installation

  • Head or energy requirement of the installation
  • The principle of energy transfer in centrifugal pump
  • Characteristic of pump and its installation (Capacity, Head, and Efficiency)
  • Combination of pump and installation

3. Basic Theory of Reciprocating Pump and Installation

  • Type of reciprocating pumps
  • Comparison of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.
  • Discharge of a reciprocating pump.
  • Slip of the pump.
  • Power required driving a reciprocating pump.
  • Indicator diagram of a reciprocating pump.
  • Variation of pressure in the suction and delivery pipes due to acceleration of the piston.
  • Effect of the acceleration of the piston on the indicator diagram.
  • Maximum speed of the rotating crank.
  • Effect of friction in the suction and delivery pipes, on the indicator diagram.
  • Effect of fitting air vessels on the suction and delivery pipes of a reciprocating pump.
  • Maximum speed of rotating crank with air vessels.
  • Work done against friction with/without and air vessels.
  • Flow of water into and from the air vessel, fitted to the delivery pipe of a reciprocating pump.
  • Multiple cylinder pumps.

4. Critical Symptoms of Pump Operation

  • Cavitations
  • Water hammer
  • Over pressure
  • Negative pressure
  • Surging
  • Pressure fluctuation

5. Operation

  • Procedure to run and stop the pump
  • Controlling the capacity
  • Hazard prevention
  • Automatic operation
  • Centrifugal pump application
  • General notes on pre-starting checks General notes on pump lubrication
  • General notes on pump operation
  • General notes on pump maintenance
  • Process pump bearing

6. Centrifugal Pump Sealing

  • Seals principles and practice
  • Pump shaft sealing
  • Mechanical seals in the process industry

7. Vibrasi Measurement

8. Rolling Element Bearings in Centrifugal Pump

  • Principles of centrifugal pumps
  • Angular contact ball bearing in centrifugal pump
  • Double row angular contact ball bearing

9. Selecting Multiphase Pumps

10. Inspection and Maintenance of Pump

  • Preliminary inspection
  • Operating condition inspection
  • Spare parts handling
  • Inspection (visual, dimensional and non-destructive test)
  • Mechanical and electrical run-out
  • Dynamic balancing per API-610
  • Rotor assembly

11. Troubleshooting


  • Fresh Mechanical or Rotating Engineers, Engineering and Construction Engineers, Project Engineer
  • Production Operators, Technicians, Maintenance and Operation Personnel who are responsible for the
  • Selection, Sizing, Specifying, Installation, Testing, And Maintenance Of pumping system.
  • Experienced professionals who want to refresh or broaden their understanding of pumps
  • Professionals with little to moderate production facility design and or production operation back ground
  • Other professionals who want better understanding of the subject




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