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Valve Repair

Instructor by :  Saripudin Shabari ST, MT COURSE AIMS To provide delegates with a working knowledge of the types of valve and their maintenance, repair and testing methods & procedures. COURSE CONTENT 1. Common types of valve 2. Valve typical construction 3. Valve applications 4. Valve pressure rating and flange classes 5. Valve maintenance Valve types and functioning Field lubricants Maintenance Packing ...

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Power Transformer Operation and Maintenance

Instructor by: Tugino, ST , MT INTRODUCTION Pelatihan ini ditujukan untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dan wawasan peserta mengenai Power Distribution Transformer Pelatihan ditekankan pada aspek instalasi, operasi, proteksi dan pemeliharaan untuk meningkatkan kontinuitas pelayanan daya sehingga kegagalan operasi dapat dicegah seminimum mungkin dan efisiensi dapat ditingkatkan. OBJECTIVE Mengenali konstruksi Transformator daya beserta komponen-komponen pendukungnya Menginterpretasikan data pada nameplate serta memilih Transformator ...

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Non Destructive Test

OBJECTIVE After completing this course, the participant should be understand to NDT (Non Destructive Test) technique principles for design and application, manufacturing and plant construction, as well as regular maintenance  purposes.  They will also be able to implement the NDT procedure technique related to daily works in the real plant. OUTLINE a. Introduction Magnetic Particle Inspection Circular Magnetization Hysterisis Loop ...

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Electrical Safety in Work Place

Instructor by : Sukarni BACKGROUND Electricity is accepted as a source of power without much thought to the hazards encountered. Some employees work with electricity directly. This is the case with engineers, electricians, electronic technicians and power line workers. Others, such as office workers and salespeople work with it indirectly. OSHAs electrical standards address this serious workplace hazard which exposes ...

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Risk Management for Machine Maintenance

TUJUAN Participants will be able to : Determine effective ways of integrating machine maintenance and general business management in an organization Determine how ethics, integrity, and objectivity affect machine maintenance Define Risk; Define the Risk Management process Plan for risk Effectively identify risks Perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis Perform Risk Response Planning Perform Risk Monitoring and Control Apply network ...

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