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Asset Integrity Management System For Power Plants

June 25, 2015

Asset Integrity Management System For Power Plants

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Instructor by : Ahmad Taufik 


Integrity and Reliability Concept  for Power Plants play very significant roles in producing and maintaining electrical energy supply for oil and gas industry, mining, and public electricity in Indonesia today and for many years to come in connection with increasing industrial and economic growth.  However, many of the power plants have already in aging condition, that is, they have operated for more than 25 years, and hence, subject to damage mechanism and high failure rate of the critical equipment that causing plant to reduce efficiency, or worse, causing plant to un-planned shutdown and power blackout.

Those equipments failure and incidents lead to business and economic loss, affecting people safety and damaging assets. As an example, from all causes of boilers, it was found that more than 75% failure was caused by combination of low water quality, operator errors, and poor maintenance practices which, actually could have been prevented,  if proper integrity and reliability management of the plant are fully implemented.

Another example of critical Equipments are steam turbines. Regardles online conditioning monitoring and monitoring and preventive maintenance implemented, failure of their  components, noticeably turbine bucktes or blades do occur. Statistics in the following page show the top of 15 failures causes for steam turbine loss availability in MW-Hrs per year. Again, those failure could  have also been prevented, if best reliability and maintenance management of the plant are fully implemented.

Therefore, to understand the problems, and know how to avoid it, is becoming the major critical issues in  economic and safety driven business such as in power plant industry today. To ensure the continuity of the power plant  operation and promote asset, people and environtmental safety, all aspects of reliability and integrity of the their equipments must be maintained at all phases during their  plant integrity cycle as illustrated and outlined in the figure below. To achieve those purposes, power plant operation and maintenance should be implemented by using various best integrity, reliability, and maintenance tools and proven methodology. Those subject will become focus of this specialized training.


  • Introduction to Asset Integrity and Relialibility Management for Power Plants.
  • Damage Mechanism, Failure Mode and Failure Rates of Power Plant Equipment
  • Fitness for Service (FFS) and Remaining Life Assesment (RLA) for Piping and Pipelines
  • Fitness for Service (FFS) and remaining Life Assesment (RLA) for Boiler, Pressure Vessels, and Condenser.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) or Failure Analysis (FA) for Piping and Pipeline System, Boiler an other Pressurized Static Equipments.
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintenability (RAM) Analysis for Power Plant (Equipment & Facility).
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) for Power Plants.
  • Risk Based Inspection and Maintenance (RBI & M) for Power Plant Equipments.
  • Metric Measures, KPI for Integrity and Realibility Management Implementation.




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