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Safety in Work at Height

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Employee may need work in elevation situations. The tasks can be as simple as changing a light bulb or difficult as painting chimney or tower erection. Both of these work situations require fall protection for the employee while the job is being done. At greater heights, as in construction or utility work fall protection becomes mandatory under most safety regulations. Company can use many methods to prevent employees from falling.


  • The working conditions that prompt use of fall protection
  • Options that are available to protect workers from falls
  • List at least four methods of fall protection available for protecting workers
  • State the main criteria that prompts use of fall protection for construction workers


1. Duty to have Fall Protection

2. Controlled Access Zones

3. Safety Monitoring Systems

4. Covers

5. Protection from Falling Objects

6. Fall Protection Plan

  • Management Leadership and Employee Participation
  • Hazard Identification and Assessment
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Information and Training
  • Evaluation of Program Effectiveness

7. Training Requirements

  • Location of Sources and Potentially Hazardous Areas
  • Health Effects and Current and Proposed Standards
  • Extent of Exposure Compared to Standards, Common Sources and Background
  • Required SOP’s and Controls
  • Optional Controls Employees may use




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