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Basic Instrumentation

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1. Introduction to Instrumentation

  • Fundamentals of Process Control
  • The Basics of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

2. Basic Instrumentation Symbols

3. Basic Instrumentation Electricity and Safety

4. Temperature Instrumentation

  • What is Temperature, Heat and Energy
  • Why are Thermal Expansion Thermometers Used
  • What are Electrical Thermometers

5. Pressure Instrumentation

  • How do Pressure Instruments Work and What should I know about them
  • Where Would I Find These Pressure Measuring Applications

6. Level Instrumentation

  • What Is So Important About Understanding Fluid Flow Properties
  • What and Why: Differential Pressure Flow meters

7. Flow Instrumentation

  • What are Level Devices or Level Instruments and How do They Work
  • Why are Mechanical Instruments Important

8. Final Elements and Instrumentation

Describe the Basic Understanding of What Final Elements are and How Instrumentation Functions with These Final Elements:

  • Control Valves
  • Regulators and Dampers
  • Actuators and Positioners
  • On/Off Control Actions
  • Variable-Speed Drives
  • Electric Powers Controllers

9. Safety System Instrumentation to Prevent Injuries and Fatalities

  • What are Safety Systems on Machinery and Equipment and Why are They Important to an Instrumentation Technician
  • What the Beginner Instrumentation Tech Should at Least Know About Safety devices and Electrical Safety Standards





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