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Financial Modelling and Decision Making


Modern managers need to possess and master a variety of short and long term financial decision-making techniques. This course will explore these techniques through a series of practical scenarios which illustrate how they can be used in the business environment. Excel is used extensively to develop a range of financial models to illustrate technique application. The course will  further explore the incorporation of risk and uncertainty into the decision making process by using more advanced Excel, and will also explore scenario  modelling and sensitivity analysis using Excel. 


  1. Understanding of Different Approaches to Decision Making
  2. An Ability to Make Short Term Financial Decisions
  3. An Ability to Develop Excel Models to Support Short Term Decision Making
  4. Understand Different Approaches to Investment Appraisal and The Use of Excel to Support These Decisions
  5. How to Use Sensitivity and What If Analysis to Explore The Impact of Changing Scenarios on Decision Outcomes
  6. How to Incorporate Risk and Uncertainty into Decision Making
  7. How to Build Excel Spreadsheets to Model Risk and Uncertainty and Support Sensitivity Analysis




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