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Advanced Strategic Management Accounting


This lively and engaging training course will give emphasis to the management’s key role of setting the organization’s strategic direction. This training course supports the development of high level strategy skills for middle to senior managers wanting to gain or refresh their knowledge of strategic planning and increase confidence in the use of corporate planning tools and approaches. This may include the ability to align the organisations internal capabilities to unpredictable external factors, crucial for success.

This training course will help delegates to understand the global context in relation to their business, as well as develop skills and confidence to boost performance and enable them to develop and sustain their organisations performance for the future.


  1. Business Combinations
  2. Accounting for Investments
  3. Equity Method
  4. Introduction to Business Combinations
  5. Accounting for Business Combinations
  6. Consolidated Statements : Date of Acquisition
  7. Consolidated Statements : After Acquisition
  8. Consolidated Statements : Allocation and Depreciation of Dierence Between Acquirees Implied Fair and Book Values
  9. Consolidated Statements : Intercompany Dierences
  10. Segment and Interim Reporting
  11. International Financial Reporting Standards
  12. Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions and Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk
  13. Translation of Financial Statements of Foreign Affiliates
  14. Accounting For Liquidation




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