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Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric Control System


This course introduces the basic components and functions of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Topics include standard symbols, pumps, control valves, control assemblies, actuators, FRL, maintenance procedures and switching and control devices. Upon completion, students should be able to understand theoperation of a fluid power system, including design, application and troubleshooting.


1. Introduction To Fluid Power and Electric Control System

  • What Is Fluid Power
  • History Of Fluid Power
  • Aplication Of Fluid Power
  • Type Of Fluid Power
  • The Fluid Power Industry

2. Properties Of Fluid Power System

  • Fluids: Liquids An Gases
  • Weight, Density and Specific Gravity
  • Pressure, Head and Force
  • Pascal’s Law
  • Bulk Modulus,Viscosity
  • Neutralization Number

3. Energy and Power In Fluid Power System

  • Review Of Mechanic
  • Application Of Pascal’s Law
  • Conservation Of Energy
  • The Continuity Equation
  • Hydraulic Horsepower
  • Bernoulli’s Equation
  • Torricelli’s Theorem

4. Hydraulic Technic

  • The Meaning & Objective
    • Hydraulic Power Transmission
    • Intensifiers Hydraulic Pressure
  • Hydraulic System In Engineering Industrial
  • The Main Part Of Hydraulic System
    • Power Generator
    • Hydraulic Pump
    • Pressure Relief Valve
    • Reservoir & Fluid Conditioner
    • Fluid Control
    • Overlaps Position
    • Meter-In Control And Meter-Out Control
    • Working Element On Hydraulic System
  • Planning A Hydraulic Series
    • Time-Motion Diagram
    • Circuit Diagram

5. Pneumatic Technic

  • The Meaning & Objective
  • The Main Parts Of Pneumatic System
    • Power Pack
    • Service Unit
    • Directional Control Valve
    • Working Element
    • Sensor Tools
    • Pneumatic Series
    • Simple Pneumatic Series Circuit Diagram
  • The Aplication Of Pneumatic Control System In Working Plane Mechanical
    • Step Displacement Diagram
    • Element Drawing Om Circuait Diagram
    • Pneumatic Control Series With Distribution Line

6. Simple Electricity For Electric Motor, Electro, Hydraulic/Pneumatic

  • Installation Tools For Electrical Engine
    • Phase On Ac Current
    • Circuit Diagram
  • Controlling An Ac/Dc Current Motor
    • Controlling An Ac 1-Phasa Current Motor
    • Controlling An Ac 3-Phasa Current Motor
    • Changing Rotation (Reverse)
    • Contractor Relay
    • End Guard Brake Micro Switches And Transformer
  • Electrical Series Of Electro Hydraulic/Pneumatic
    • And Gate
    • Or Gate
    • Not Gate
    • Nand Gate
    • Nor Gate
    • Xnor Gate


  • Plant Engineers
  • Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Managers, Supervisors and Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Plant Operations and Maintenance Personnel
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Process Technicians
  • Mechanical Technicians




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