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Waste Water Treatment and Sanitary Sewage

MATERI 1. WWT characteristic and mapping 2. Memilih proses yang tepat di dalam mengolah limbah industri 3. Prinsip dasar teknologi pengolahan limbah dan perkembangannya (sedimentasi, aerobic, anaerobic) 4. WWT process parameter control 5. WWT monitoring tools, seperti COD, BOD, TSS, FM ratio, MCRT, RAS, WAS, VOL, SVI, OUR dan lain lain 6. WWT process improvement 7. Domestic waste water 8. ...

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Pump and Compressor : Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Instructor by : I Nengah Diasta  DESCRIPTION Production continuity is a keyword in any process of production activities, in which power system play important role to keep all of the operation. Compressor is known for its capability to store energy in the form of air pressure. In industrial application, compressors are completed with auxiliaries to control the air flow, pressure, and ...

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