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Cost Estimating and Control

12 - 14 Maret 2019, Neo Malioboro Hotel, YogyakartaOBJECTIVE After completing the course, participants should have: In-depth knowledge and understanding about project cost planning and control To integrate and implement the ability. Various project management tool (WBS, Gantt Chart, Network, etc) with cost accounting concept and techniques (Job Order Costing, Variance Analysis, etc) In project planning and control. The ability ...

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Pump, Compressors, Turbine Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

DESCRIPTION A complete understanding of construction details and functioning of pumps, compressors and turbines is a prerequisite for successful operation of plant and piping system. This is especially important nowadays when various models of this equipment still create in everyday operation various problems : mechanical, hydraulic, etc. This training seminar will feature the importance of proper operation and maintenance of ...

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Modern Warehouse and Inventory Management

DESKRIPSI Peran support dalam pengelolaan persediaan dan pergudangan (Inventory management & Warehousing) sangat penting di suatu perusahaan. Agar bisa bekerja dengan baik,support personel perlu dibekali pengetahuan dan ketrampilan yang memadai mengenai pengelolaan persediaan dan pergudangan yang efektif adalah kemampuan beradaptasi pada tuntutan untuk meningkatkan kecepatan dan ketepatan proses identifikasi kebutuhan approval request order, pemesanan,penerimaan,penyimpanan, hingga penyerahan barang kepada pengguna dengan ...

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Health and Safety Inspector

Instructor by : Ridwan Mahzun  MATERI 1. Inspection Basics Types of inspections The why and who of inspections How frequent inspections should be done What is the activity of an inspection? What is the outcome? 2 Pre-Inspection Activity Plan the inspection route Delegate team members Obtain supplies Familiarize yourself with the inspection checklist Diagram or floor plan Review information from ...

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Advanced Troubleshooting Of Rotating Equipment

Instructor by : Vicky Malau  DESCRIPTION This Advanced Programme for industry aims to convey the latest thinking and best practice of machinery vibration monitoring and analysis via lectures, case studies, video films, friendly software and programme activities. The programme gives a detailed advanced treatment of the detection, location and diagnosis of faults in rotating and reciprocating machinery, using vibration analysis. ...

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Time Management

Instructor By : Sabihaini BENEFIT Analyzing the work into elements and describing the relative priority of each element. Applying some techniques and principles of time planning to improve short-term scheduling in an operating department. To perform analytical, step by step time management. To prepare plan to conserve time.  OUTLINE 1. The office Manager-Role and Responsibilities 2. Office Organization-The Changing Role ...

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