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Electrical Installation In Hazardous Area

Instructor by : Muhamad Ali, S.T., M.T. 8 – 11 September 2014, Ibis Hotel Yogyakarta MATERI Basic Industrial Electrical: typical equipment Electrical Design and Application Static Electricity Hazardous locations Leakage Current Protection Explosive Atmosphere, origin and characteristic values Regulation and Specifications Lightning Protection System Intrinsic safety Type of Protection Planning, installation and operation of electrical systems in potentially explosive atmospheres Operation ...

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Electrical Engineering For Facilities Personnel

Instructor By : Ir. Bambang Harjoko, MT DESCRIPTION This course applies fundamental electrical engineering principles to oil and gas facilities design and operation. The course is designed for Facilities Engineers with or without a background in electrical engineering and can accelerate the development of new Facilities Electrical Engineers. Through the use of individual and group problem solving, attendees will learn ...

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Electrical Grounding and Lightning Protection System

  OBJECTIVES Pelatihan ini ini memberikan pengetahuan dan wawasan mengenai grounding dalam sistem distribusi tenaga listrik. Pelatihan ditekankan pada perencanaan system pentanahan dan perlindungan peralatan dari tegangan lebih petir, operasi dan proteksi sistem distribusi. OUTLINE A. Basic Concepts Purpose of Grounding, Basic Safety Concepts, Terms and Definition B. Safety Standards Permissible Body Currents, Permissible Touch and Step Voltages, Design Considerations ...

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Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution System

Instructor by : Drs. Ir. Hasan Surya, MT. DESCRIPTION This course provides the participants the knowledge low voltage (LV) electrical distribution system to ensure the interrupted power supply to the facilities. The course covers the function, architecture, installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the components associated with the LV distribution system COURSE OUTLINE 1. LV distribution system Main component LV ...

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Electrical for Powerline

INTRODUCTION This course introduces basic electrical theory and concepts as it relates to the power line industry. Topics include: power, protective equipment, batteries, no load tap changers, voltage regulation, magnetism, transformer ratings, consumer services, primary and secondary system voltages, overcurrent/overvoltage protective devices, and street lighting systems. Safety issues are also addressed. COURSE OUTLINE Introduction of Electrical Powerline Safety Introduction in ...

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Electrical Power System Analysis

Instructor : Drs. Ir. Hasan Surya, MT. OBJECTIVES Power System Analysis means verifying the adequacy of the power distribution system and it’s components. Recognize coordination related disturbances and outages. Collect the required data to perform a detailed coordination study. Derive complete protective device settings for some of the simpler electrical power systems that are consistent with NEC requirements.  OUTLINES 1. Introduction ...

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