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Advanced Drilling Engineering

27 - 29 November 2018, Grand Tjokro Hotel, Bandung


This course offers a practical approach to well design and drilling operations. On completion of the course, participants will be able to plan and design most wells whether vertical, directional or horizontal. Participants will also be able to write drilling programs and understand hole problems.


1. Basic Petroleum Geology

  • Basic Petroleum Geology
  • Rock Types
  • Sedimentary Rocks

2. Rig Equipment

  • Hoisting System
    • Loads: Hook, Fast Line and Deadline
  • Top Drive Systems
  • Drilling Line
  • Ton-Miles Cut & Slip practice
  • Mud Pump Sizing

3. Drill bits & Hydraulics

  • Drill Bits: Types & Selection
  • Tricone Bits: Design and Selection Procedures
  • PDC bits: Design and Selection Procedures
  • IADC Drill Bit Classification
  • IADC Dull Grading
  • Fluid Flow in Wellbores
  • Bingham Plastic and Power Law Calculations
  • Hydraulics Calculations
  • ECD Calculation
  • Hole Cleaning

4. Drill String Design

  • Drill String and BHA
  • Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Grades of Drill Pipe and Strength Properties
  • Thread Types
  • Tool Joints
  • Calculations of Approximate Weight of Drill Pipe and Tool Joint
  • Drill Collar Weight and Neutral Point
  • Bending Strength Ratio
  • Margin of Over-Pull
  • Slip Crushing
  • Pressure-Area Method
  • Jars
  • Shock Subs
  • Reamers and Stabilizers

5. Mud Engineering

  • Drilling Fluid Chemistry and Rheology & Mud Testing Methods
  • Functions of Drilling Fluid Additives and Chemicals
  • Clay Structure and Shale Problems
  • Loss Control Material
  • Types of Mud Systems and their Characteristics
  • Separation Equipment & Layouts

6. Casing Design

  • Steel Properties and API Casing Strength
  • Casing Seat Selection
  • Casing Design Criteria
  • Casing Loading and Safety Factors
  • Casing Design Methods for: Exploration, Development, Horizontal and HPHT Wells
  • Kick Tolerance, Kick Profiles
  • Triaxial Stress Ellipse
  • Temperature Effects and Trapped Annular Pressures
  • Sour Gas Consideration

7. Cementing Technology

  • Cement Chemistry
  • Cement Additives: Types & Formulations
  • Casing & Cementing Hardware
  • Liners: Liner Jewelry, Liner Laps
  • Mud Removal: Chemical and Mechanical Means
  • Cement Calculations: Cement Yield, Single, Two Stage, Liner
  • Differential Pressure
  • Stage Cementing
  • Floating/Large Casing
  • Salt Problems

8. Directional Drilling, Horizontal & ML Wells

  • Declination and Convergence
  • UTM & Grid Coordinates
  • Surface and Subsurface Targets
  • Bottom Hole Assemblies
  • Placement of Stabilizers
  • Survey Reference Points
  • Calculations and Well Path Plotting
  • Surveying Tools and Accuracy



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