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Internal Audit SMK3


HSE Auditing is one of the best systematic measurement and management tools to evaluate and improve HSE Performance of company/industry activities as well as to prevent and reduce losses such as occupational diseases, personal injury, property damage, fire, process disruption, environmental damage/pollution, etc. By comparing between HSE Program Implementation and established HSE Standards/Laws/Regulations/Best Practices.


During and after attending this valuable and interesting course, the course participants will be able to :

  • Know and understand HSE Standards/Laws/Regulations/Best Practices both National (Government of Indonesia or GOI) and International.
  • Know, Understand and Implement Principles of Loss Control Management as well as HSE Auditing Process and Procedures, so that he/she will become both a HSE Internal Auditor and HSE Audited.
  • Develop Internal and External HSE Auditing.
  • Identify Problems of HSE Program Implementation and Suggest Solutions/Recommendations Include Action Plans.


  • Introduction to HSE-GOI Laws/Regulations
  • Causes and Effects of Loss
  • Principles of Loss Control/HSE Management System (SMK3, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001)
  • Measurement Techniques and Tools for Management
  • Overview Concepts of HSE Auditing
  • Introduction to HSE Auditing and Rating System
  • Factors in Successful HSE Auditing and Programs Implementation
  • Verification and Interviewing Techniques in HSE Auditing
  • Physical Conditions Inspections Guidance in HSE Auditing
  • Introduction to Report Writing of HSE Auditing
  • Group Exercises in HSE Auditing Activities (Personal Audit and Resource Report, Demeanor of the Auditor, Interview Techniques, Physical Conditions Evaluation, Report Writing, etc.)


Supervisors, Section Heads, Superintendents and Department Heads/Managers of all departments and from various companies/industries such as Oil/Gas Exploration & Production and Refinery, Geothermal, Petrochemicals, General Mining (Coal, Gold, Nickel, etc) Constructions and other industries, and whoever involve in HSE Auditing.




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