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Budget Planning, Controlling and Analyzing

Instructor by: Januar Eko 


This course surveys the broad areas of planning, budgeting, and cost control. Beginning with strategic planning using internal and external analysis that creates profit planning process and cost volume profit analysis for break even planning. Participants will also learn how to relate strategy, long term plan, and the master budget, and how to conduct operational and managerial controls through hands on examples, exercises and cases. This training is addressed to them who want to enrich and enhance their capability in field of budget, we hope finally the best performance for company is achieved.


  1. Introduction and Overview to Strategic Planning
  2. The need for Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  3. Cost behavior and the relationship to the budgeting process
  4. Budget preparation
  5. Types of budget and their preparation
  6. Strategic planning
  7. Strategy, Long Term Plan, and the Master Budget
  8. Managing Budgeting Process
  9. Capital budgeting
  10. Master budget
  11. Operational control
  12. Cost control
  13. Management control




Case Study



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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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