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Power Plant Process

Instructor By: Cecep Slamet Abadi, ST


The course goal is to give students fundamental knowledge of Power Plant Process and an overview of functionality and operation of the main components. In this course, you will also learn about the fundamental knowledge of combined cycle power plant process and an overview of functionality and operation of the main components.


  1. Process Overview
  2. Design and operation of thermal turbo machines, drivers and driven, turbo compressors
  3. Gas & Steam turbines with generators for industrial and power generation applications
  4. Basic process, comparative cycles for gas & steam turbines
  5. Thermodynamic principles
  6. Industrial process applications
  7. Cogenerations, KVA basic design concept
  8. Combined cycle power plant process: Open Cycle and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants; Different CCP Layouts, ICC Power Plant; Process overview of ICC Power Plant; Functionality of components; GT startup pre-requisites (auxiliaries required for GT operation); GT Startup steps up to 3000 rpm; GT Load operation, Process behavior of HRSG and WSC during GT load operation (condenser vacuum pulling, steam bypass operation etc.); GT operation concept; Startup pre-requisites for steam turbine rolling; Steam turbine cold start exercise on the simulator; CCP Operation and dynamic behavior, Key performance indicators of the CCP on base load




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