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Gas Turbine Generator and Electrical System

11 – 13 Desember 2013, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel Yogyakarta

The objective of this course is to draw attention to important operating parameters of the power generator. A review of fundamentals is included as an aid to understanding the significance of generator control.


  • To describe the construction of the generator associated with the gas turbine.
  • To describe the generator cooling systems.
  • To describe the functionality of a generator.
  • To describe the method by which the generator power output is controlled.
  • To describe the control of the excitation system.


Construction Features

  • The Stator
  • Stator Conductors
  • The Rotor and Exciter

Generator Cooling Systems

  • Air Cooling
  • Hydrogen Cooling
  • Hydrogen Seals and Handling
  • Hydrogen Purity

Fundamentals of Generation

  • The Simple AC Generator
  • Voltage Current and Frequency
  • Generator Connections
  • Synchronization

Control of Generator Power Output

  • Controlling Megawatt Output
  • Meeting Load Demand

Control of Excitation

  • Static Excitation
  • The Brushless Exciter
  • Reactive Power
  • Output Limitations


Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation


Training Kit, Handout, Certificate, Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir


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